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By Tony Restell

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In the last 24 hours I've stumbled across two great contributions to the issue of reducing your stress - with a view to helping you get ahead in your career. The first was an Inc. article entitled "6 Easy Ways To Reduce Stress"; all the points were highly valid, but the first two in particular resonated with me:

The opening point was to make sure you genuinely switch off from work in your leisure time - which includes not checking on emails, LinkedIn and the like outside of office hours. How many can genuinely say, hand on heart, that they adhere to this?

The second point, at least as important, was to categorise your To-Do list by difficulty and by potential business impact - and then to focus on the sweet spot of doing those things that are easy to achieve and have high business impact.

Both points are expanded on in the above article - and the remaining four points are equally worth a read.

The second item I stumbled across was the following infographic - and I'm sure most of us could take from this at least one idea for conducting our working lives a little differently. I particularly liked the idea of forcing yourself to hold off before replying to an email or to a point in a meeting, so as to give yourself a few more moments to reflect on the right response. Thanks to for permission to reproduce this here.

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