Getting the Job: 8 Tips For Before, During and After the Interview

By Elevating Communication

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Before the interview:

Tip #1: Analyze the job description against your resume: what is at the core of the job, what skills do they need, and how have you demonstrated that?

Tip #2: Research the company: really basic, but not enough people do this. Learn the full name of the company,founding year, what its mission is what it does, where it's successful, and where it isn't. How it talks about itself and how rivals, media or third parties describe it. Make sure to review its review on Glassdoor to see what past and current employees think.

Tip #3: Really want the job: don't bother going in if you're going just because you want a job (and not necessarily that job). Most interviewers can sniff your ambivalence a mile away and you wasted their time and yours.

Things to do during the interview:

Tip #4: Come ready to have a conversation: This isn't an inquisition, or at least shouldn't be. Even if your interviewer is one of the rare few who acts that way, do what you can to make this a conversation and answer and ask questions with that approach in mind.

Tip #5: Believe in yourself: remember, this is not charity. They're not interviewing you out of the kindness of their heart (not unless their boss is calling in a favor and asking that they interview you). Come in knowing you have value to bring, and show that confidence through warmth, curiosity and authority.

Tip #6: Ask good questions, and keep it brief: Ask questions about what the goals for this role are, what the company's long term ambitions are, and how they measure success. These are universally excellent questions that show you're curious, ambitious and motivated to succeed.

Things to do after the interview:

Tip #7: Send a thank you note within 24 hours: I'm not a purist, so I think email is fine. Make it personalized-- reference a question that particular interviewer asked, for example or an article or thought piece that ties to something you discussed in your interview.

Tip #8: Stay in touch with HR: they're the admin connect between you and the hiring team, so make sure you get in touch within 10 days if you haven't heard anything after your interview.


About the author:

Mishri Someshwar helps entrepreneurs and senior business leaders craft effective speeches, conference presentations, and anything else they need to sound good in front of investors, colleagues, conference attendees, and more. Past clients include startup founders, sales VPs and C-suite leaders. To get her answers on the three mostly commonly asked job interview questions, click here.


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