How To Ace Your Next Interview

By Ibtisaam Ganief

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Many of us feel great after interviewing for a new job, just to find out that we did not get offered the job we were interested in. This leaves many of us confused and sometimes even hurt, as we did not know where we went wrong and unfortunately cannot ask the interviewee what the problem was. If you’re looking to ace your next interview for your dream job, here are a few tips on how to do so with ease.

Do Your Research

Going into an interview without thoroughly researching the job at hand is not a smart move. Before you have your interview, research as much as you can about the company – its history, vision and the services that it offers. Also make sure you know where the offices or business centres in Dubai or other areas are located, so as to not be late for your interview for fear of getting lost.

Identify Your Unique Abilities

Companies will interview many people before they make their choice, so you must think of a way in which to stand out from the crowd. Identify your “hook” – that one quality that sets you head and shoulders above the rest, and include mentioning that quality in your interview. It is important to sell yourself, and just like a product, a unique selling point is always needed in order to make an impact.

Ask Questions

Most interviews end with the employee asking the potential employer if they have any questions. We tend to stumble at this point, mostly relieved that the hardest part of the interview is over. It is important that you arrive with some follow up questions as it shows that you have put some time and effort into thinking about the job and its opportunities.

Stay Positive

This relates to both during the job interview and after. Showing a positive work attitude is inspiring for the potential employee and will help them see that you are the right person for the job. It also shows that you will bring a positive energy to the company culture – which is just as important as the work you do. Staying positive after the interview is completed is important for your own career path journey! Going for job interviews is not easy and can be an incredibly stressful (and sometimes frustrating task). It is key that you search for a specific job that you want, make sure you do your research, be eloquent and confident during the interview and remain positive throughout your search!

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