How to ensure you get the chance to CU l8r

By Hudson & Yorke

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The world has moved on in many remarkable ways, technology being a major part of the changes impacting on us all. We text in a code that we mostly understand (although where I come from LOL means ‘lots of love’ so you can imagine my confusion initially!) and speak in abbreviations to the point where they have become acceptable conversation.

I suggest there is an exception to this now norm, and that is in the creation and submission of CVs. Applications in response to an advertised position work better when evidence of relevance to the role applied for is given. And when a covering note (email is fine) is added that doesn’t repeat much, some or all of what will be read in the CV, and which doesn’t include ‘CUL’ as its parting remark. Otherwise it looks like some mass-produced circular and gives the appearance of half hearted effort. Typos, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors that have nothing to do with using English as a second (or more) language are a fast-track to the ‘not suitable for consideration’ pile.

Yes, text. Yes, tweet. Share on Facebook. Keep LinkedIn updated. The suggestion is however, that care and effort are invested in your CV – based on the applications we receive, those to which such effort is made stand out from the crowd.


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