How to write an interview-winning CV in 7 Steps

By Andrew Fennell

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Your CV is a crucial marketing tool when pursuing a new job, so it pays to know exactly how to write a CV that will stand out from the crowd and impress recruiters. 

The strength of your CV will play a huge part in the success of your job hunt because it's the only aspect that an employer will have to judge you on during the first stages of your job application. For this reason you must ensure that the content of your CV is appealing, and the structure allows recruiters to quickly extract your most valuable attributes.

This handy guide infographic from StandOut CV shows exactly how to write a CV in just 7 simple steps.

Key Points

  • Research your market: Before you write your CV, browse some relevant job adverts and find out exactly what skills your target employers are looking for.
  • Structure and format your CV clearly: If you want to ensure that recruiters can see the value in hiring you; formatting and structure that highlights your valuable skills is essential. Ensure that your CV sections are clearly laid out and keep the length to around 2 pages to communicate your value efficiently.
  • Make your profile count: Your introductory profile is the very first thing a recruiter will see upon opening your CV, so write a punchy paragraph that summarises everything you have to offer in a few sentences and leave them wanting more.
  • Prove your value with role descriptions: Your experience is key when it comes to impressing hiring managers, so ensure that your roles are well laid out and clearly show the impact you have made for previous employers.
  • Adapt your education: The amount of education you include will largely depend on how experienced you are. Experienced candidates will only need to provide a short summary of education, whereas junior candidates should provide lots of detail to compensate for their lack of work experience.
  • Proofread to perfection: Nothing will get your CV rejected quicker than sloppy mistakes, so make sure you triple check your CV before hitting the job market.


How to write a CV

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