Not the Right Fit - Don't Change Your Outfit, Change Your Perspective

By Jana Kleinman

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Throughout the interview process, perceptive applicants who genuinely care about the process will pay close attention to what's happening around them. You know - they will look for non-verbal cues such as facial excitement and body language. They will also analyze feedback about "next steps" and hope to pick up clues indicating where they are in the hiring process. It's amazing how I've witnessed  Media Buyers' mental transition into mock Psychologists. If the interview process goes south, every applicant will always want to know, "Why?" This is a reasonable request, as the feedback should help shape the applicant's behavior for future meetings and help them form closure with that experience.

Here is an eclectic array of reasons why applicants may not get the job:

Here is the most common reason applicants may not get the job:

Let's pick this apart for a moment. What is the right "fit"? I think the visual representation of clothing is what comes to mind first, allowing your imagination to roam free.  This is a challenging concept because it doesn't justify any "closure" to the individual who spent their time interviewing.

How can you decode what the right "fit" may be? Use the 3 "P"s:

While it's my greatest hope every applicant receives the closure they are looking for, sometimes it may not happen. Try to think of the 3 "P"s to help guide, channel and reflect on your own interview progress.

Jana Kleinman
Strategic Creative Services  & Media Talent Manager/Staffing Golden Retriever

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