Rejection is Part of Job Hunting - Deal With It

By Martin Ellis

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Rejection and Job HuntingRejection is part of job hunting.

Think about it: If I involve 60 candidates in a headhunt, eventually 59 are going to be rejected. It's a mathematical likelihood you will be in a position to be disappointed more times than not - DON'T BE!!!

Common Reasons for Candidate Rejection

There are many reasons you may not be selected - some of them are awful:

None of these are the candidate's fault. If you think I'm being ridiculous with these examples, I have seen each of these happen.

Some reasons for rejection are more sensible, but still not the candidate's fault:

Sometimes candidate rejection is appallingly handled - or worse - not handled at all.

Many jobs these days get hundreds of applications, and just getting to interview is a considerable success. On these occasions I'm afraid it's more common than not that the recruiter or HR simply don't get back to the applicants at all. Having sent off their CV, the applicant hears nothing. This is wrong and not the candidate's fault. Even if they're totally unsuited to the role, they should get the courtesy of an acknowledgement. Modern technology enables this to happen automatically. In this example, the recruiter (or HR) should confess and be shot at dawn.

Candidates Are Often Also At Fault

However, there are occasions when the candidate is at fault and they could do some simple things to improve their chances, rather than moan that they're being hard done by. If a candidate is making no progress at all, they're likely to be doing something wrong. Here are the most common mistakes in my experience:

So there are many simple and sensible actions that candidates can take to improve their chances (see many MORE ARTICLES FOR CANDIDATES), but overall, the odds are not stacked in their favour where there are 60 candidates for every vacancy. Many recruiters and HR have a whole heap of things to be sorry for in the way they handle the recruitment process, and those poor souls at the mucky end shouldn't see it as their fault.

Life's tough enough without having to feel responsible for HR's shortcoming - and there lies a very miserable existence...


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