Social Media - The Ticking Time Bomb For Your Career

By Tony Restell

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Updated 31 August 2012

If you're a business executive or professional candidate who isn't yet 100% sold on the importance of social media for your future career trajectory, allow me to light a fuse that sparks your belief once and for all! 

But let's get a few things straight from the outset. I'm not a blinkered social media fanatic who believes job boards will die, or recruitment agencies will disappear from the face of the recruiting world. But I have immersed myself in the online recruitment market for the last twelve years and I have to tell you that things are changing at a dramatic pace.

The main change taking place is that corporates are doing as much in-house recruiting now as they possibly can, liberated by the candidate interactions and insights that social media has handed to them on a plate (albeit for a fistful of LinkedIn dollars). The main casualties have been not the job boards themselves, but CV database revenues and recruitment agency spend. The former is now essentially freely available on LinkedIn, whilst the latter is being displaced by increased inhouse recruitment activity within corporate recruiting departments.

What this means for you - the business executive or professional candidate - is that social media is now a ticking time bomb for your career. Check these latest statistics and you'll see why this is so:


Jobvite's latest social recruiting data

Source: Jobvite

So 92% of recruiters have embraced social recruiting. Furthermore, on the key metrics they assess it's improving their recruiting effectiveness through:

  • faster time to hire
  • better quality and quantity of candidates in the recruiting pipeline
  • greater volumes of referral hires (which are more or less universally acknowledged as the source of hires most likely to produce a successful long term hire for a company)


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So there's a new not-so-new game in town that recruiters are more or less universally embracing and applauding - and you still wonder if it matters to your career trajectory whether you're actively investing your time in being more engaged on social media?? I hope the above statistics have given you real pause for thought - and if they have, I'd recommend you set aside a bit more time to review:



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Social Media - The Ticking Time Bomb For Your Career

If these statistics haven't yet swayed you, I'd caution that there's potentially a ticking time bomb now primed to detonate the next time you are in the hunt for a new job! The direct competitors for your dream career move are all taking giant strides to position themselves ahead of you in the candidate pipeline - and every week that goes by without you engaging fully on social media is a week that you're slipping further behind them. If you need some more input on closing the gap, try reviewing Career Success ? Paying It Forward.


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