Social Media: Help Or Hindrance?


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If you're looking to fulfil your career ambitions with a change of role this year, you simply have to take on board the huge role that social media is now playing in the hiring market. From your perspective, social media is both a help and a hindrance when it comes to securing a new job.

The following infographic provides some key pointers that you as a jobseeker need to digest and react to. We would draw particular attention to the following:

  • For companies using social media to make hires, LinkedIn is far and away the network most likely to be used to source candidates. It's therefore essential that you have a well-crafted, keyword-rich, LinkedIn profile. (See: 3 Things You Can Do Tonight to Accelerate Your Job Search on LinkedIn)
  • Whilst you can certainly strke up good relationships that may lead to a job offer using Twitter and Facebook, they are seen as a far less important source of hires by recruiters. To make these a key part of your job search strategy you'll probably need to take a more proactive approach than on LinkedIn - and actively reach out and engage the employers and recruiters you'd like to target. (See: How To Tweet Your Way To A New Job)
  • Don't make the mistake of thinking that your Twitter and Facebook profiles will play no part in whether or not you are hired though. 86% of recruiters are likely to review your social media profiles, whether or not you provided links to them in your application. Things as seemingly inconsequential as spelling mistakes and charitable donations could all start to play a part in the hiring decision - if you've not cleaned up your profiles and / or restricted who can view them.

We can't overstate the importance of these messages. Social media is now an important channel by which employers and recruiters are looking to make hires; and they are increasingly forming an opinion about prospective candidates based on their social media activities. What impression do your profiles give of you?

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Social Media: Help Or Hindrance? [Jobvite infographic]


Social Media Job Search Implications



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