Straight Talk From a Recruiter: LinkedIn is Essential for Your Job Search

By Cori Swidorsky

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In a survey on social recruiting conducted by Jobvite in June of 2013, out of 1600 recruiting and human resources professionals 94% use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts. LinkedIn remains on top when it comes to searching and for all stages in the recruiting process such as:

  • 96% say they search for candidates on LinkedIn
  • 94% contact candidates using LinkedIn
  • 93% keep tabs on candidates with LinkedIn
  • 91% post jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn profiles offer recruiters an inside look at a job seekers professional fit for a position, by being able to see their professional experience, how long they have stayed in a job and specific skills they have.

So How Are Recruiters Using LinkedIn?

I came across a discussion on one of the recruiting blogs I follow on using LinkedIn as a sourcing tool.  The comments were interesting and definitely worth passing on to job seekers to get an idea of what recruiters thing of using LinkedIn.

  • "Linkedin is my sourcing bible! It's THE one professional networking source that I have used for the past 8+ years. I have filled most, if not all, of my positions by networking with folks within this site or have been given several referrals from those that I've connected with within Linkedin."
  • "It is definitely a goldmine for professional networking. It is really just a matter of building relationships. Most of my relationships I've acquired through their discussion groups. Look for industry specific groups or create your own and then get involved."
  • "The evolution of Linkedin is amazing. It is almost like a phone book now a days. So, as far as a sourcing tool, it is the best resource available to gather names."
  • "I use it for sourcing. I usually search by competitor or companies that have folks with the background I need. I then weed it down to the geographic location where the position is needed. Once I get the "list" I just browse and look for the folks that may have the background I need."

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be found, to connect and network with professionals in your industry and to make your professional footprint. Get on LinkedIn, create an attractive profile and start creating your career destiny.

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