The Benefits of Making a Lateral Career Move

By Career Savvy

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Just because a career move isn’t a step above your position doesn’t mean it isn’t progress. There are a lot of benefits to be had by making a lateral move, be that in your current company or in a different one. Waiting for a promotion before making a change in your career isn’t always the best route to progression.


Increased Opportunities

There may not be clear cut promotion opportunities in your current role, but there could be another company out there in a better position to offer progression to their staff. If you feel there’s not much hope, consider a similar role elsewhere. The more experience you have the easier this will be, so you may find it hard to move laterally if you’ve been with your current company for less than a year. However, keep an eye out for the latest vacancies to make sure you are aware of what opportunities are out there.  Also, research companies on Glassdoor to see how others have rated the progression opportunities to help you decide which companies are worth moving to.


Increased Salary

Is your workplace offering the most competitive salary for your role? Salaries are obviously hugely dependant on experience, but if you’ve been in your role for a year or more with no offer of a pay rise, you could earn more starting new somewhere else with a bit of experience under your belt.  Even if you do have pay rises on the horizon, it’s still worth checking that your workplace offers competitive salaries for the location you work in.


Fresh Start

Moving into a new role equivalent to your current level can be a great way to liven up and rejuvenate your career. If you feel stuck in a rut, a new role might be what you need to motivate yourself and give your career a boost. Looking at different roles that are equal to your level allows you to make a change without having to gather lots more experience. Moving to a job you enjoy more will also encourage you to work harder with more enthusiasm, which will increase your career prospects further down the line. If it’s a change you feel that you need, don’t hesitate to make one now if it’s right for you.


Gain More Experience

A slight change in role can encourage you to learn new things and gain new skills. Changing your role is bound to require a different skillset, even slightly so. This will benefit you in the way that it will give you more credentials when the chances for a promotion are there, as well as giving you more to put on your CV. It’s important to make sure your job is challenging you, so if your current role isn’t providing this then a lateral move is probably a good option for you. 

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