The Must Read Candidate Advice of 2012

By Social-Hire

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With tentative signs that the employment market is looking up as we head into 2013, we wanted to take a quick look back at the most popular candidate advice articles to have appeared on Social-Hire during 2012. If you missed these when first published, they're well worth a look:

The Must Read Candidate Advice of 2012


Candidate Advice Must Read #1: Salary Negotiation Tips: How To Negotiate A Job Offer

Salary negotiation is a skill, one that does not come naturally to many job seekers. Most focus on impressing the recruiter at the job interview and often overlook the opportunity to negotiate a better salary once they have been offered the job...

Candidate Advice Must Read #2: 3 Things You Can Do Tonight to Accelerate Your Job Search on LinkedIn

Your best chance of securing a new role via LinkedIn is to focus on your profile being found and being compelling...

Candidate Advice Must Read #3: 3 LinkedIn Blunders For Candidates To Avoid In 2012

Speaking to recruiters there are numerous blunders being committed by candidates. These can actually undermine a candidate’s credibility. So here are our top 3 (of many) candidate blunders to avoid...

Candidate Advice Must Read #4: What Do Employers LIKE To See On Your Social Media Profiles?

We all know that your social media presence has the potential to put you out of the running for a new job. But a candidate's social media profiles can also solidify the decision to hire in a way that's had little if any media coverage...

Candidate Advice Must Read #5: Getting Hired: The Simple But Overlooked Steps Every Candidate Must Take In The Networked Economy

With so much recruiting activity having shifted to social media platforms, what are the essential steps every candidate must take? Or is it just jobhunting as usual?...


Of course this is just a small selection of the articles and guest contributions we've published this last year. To explore more of our jobseeker content visit the Career & Interview Advice blog and our Candidate Essentials newsletter. If there are topics you would particularly like to see us address in the coming year, please leave a comment below or contact the Social-Hire team via @social_hire or via email on talent at Looking forward to serving your needs and helping to further your career in 2013 and beyond!


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