What a Global Job Market Means for Job Seekers

By Jobma

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The world is more connected today than ever before. This, in some ways, is one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments, but it is a terrifying concept when it comes to your job search. Not only are you competing against others in your city, state, and country, but other countries as well. How are you supposed to make a lasting impression when there are so many competing to make that very same lasting impression? And worst part of it all, your resume probably looks identical in terms of skills and experience to many of those you’re going up against. What do you do?

What a Global Job Market Means for Job SeekersIn order to differentiate yourself you have to go above and beyond your average job search effort. Look into ways to gain/sharpen skills that you’re lacking, even thinking outside of the job description. Try to find ways to gain experiences that could potentially benefit your performance as well. You want to pack your resume with as much good, relevant experience and information as is possible.

If your resume is already wonderful, well-edited, and chalk full of things employers are looking for, there are still more ways to differentiate yourself.

The third option is one that not many choose to do, but it is an opportunity to show employers so much more than what you can say on paper. Video lets you communicate your soft skills, project your personality, and show employers that you are genuine; it expresses information as to why you’d be a good fit before having an in-person interview.

If you’re trying to be memorable, that’s the way to go.

In a job market of billions, you need to do what you can to stand out. If you’d be interested in learning more about how to make a phenomenal video resume, check out the Jobma blog for helpful tips. Invest your time in things that will increase your chances of landing that job, no matter who you’re up against.


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