What can Lady Gaga teach YOU about your career?

By Vicki Aubin - The Rockin' Career Coach

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Sure she’s got a strong, powerful voice, sings catchy songs and obviously works hard… but so do so many other talented female singers out there these days. So what did she and her genius marketing team do to totally differentiate her from everyone else, forever, ad infinitum?

They came up with one HELL of a USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Her USP is her FAR-OUT image (fashion, attitude, etc.). In particular, let’s talk about her wardrobe. NO ONE knows WHAT to expect from Lady Gaga, or how insanely “out there” her outfit will be at her next public appearance…in turn, she is absolutely irresistible to the paparazzi, who eat it all up and cram to be around her as much as is humanly possible, because whatever she ends up doing is guaranteed to be never-imagined-or-seen-before, flamboyant and often times controversial…and all these things mean viewership, media coverage and advertising dollar$$$…and of course, paired with her artistic talent – gazillions of adoring fans.

You may or may not even be a fan of hers…but I’ll bet you know WHO she is, and you know her for her crazy fashion first, if anything else. All these things, paired with her ‘I-don’t-give-a-bleep, just be you’ attitude are part of Lady Gaga’s personal brand, and distinctly set her apart from the ‘competition’.

SO, what separates YOU distinctly from the competition (other candidates) in your job search and your career as a whole?

ACTION ITEM: Think about this, and then do an instantaneous “download” of everything you think of (using your resume as a reference point is particularly helpful); whether it’s your years of experience, some very specialized knowledge or skills or all of the above. Scribble all these things down each as its own bullet point. When you’re done, compile them, and write them out as your USP in sentence form.

Your USP is an ultra-powerful tool that helps you to better define your personal brand, while empowering you to communicate more confidently and clearly about yourself, whether you are filling out a job application online, in an interview, at a networking event, etc.

And you’ll know your USP is a rockin’ one, when you have your own ‘paparazzi’ (recruiters, headhunters, hiring managers) pursuing YOU as the distinctive, irresistible candidate they are looking for.

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