Why Pulling Out Last Minute Hurts Us Both

By Social Media Manager - James R.C. Smith - Vancouver, BC

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If you have applied to - or been put forward for - an exciting new role in a company which will provide an excellent step on your career path, then whatever you do see it through to the end.

When you work with a recruitment agency, then they will have spent hours upon hours going through their database of talented candidates or have sourced you from another avenue. The next step will have been an initial interview and further scrutiny of your details to make sure you’re an absolute perfect candidate for the opportunity. Notice I didn’t just say ‘job’, I said ‘opportunity’, because that’s what it is. These roles are highly sought-after and will enable both you and the hiring company to develop and go on to achieve great things.

After everyone is up to speed and thoroughly understands the position that you are going to be interviewed for, sometimes in multiple stages with a number of senior decision-makers, the process is almost complete.

Then, perhaps you get nervous or don’t have the confidence in yourself that the people around you can see. Before making the hasty decision that you’d rather just stay in your comfortable, yet unchallenging job or might find something a little more different, think.

As a recruitment agency with an established name in the industry, we can see and understand what makes our candidates tick. We fully acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and wouldn’t put you forward for a role that we didn’t think you could do. During the process, it’s fine to say that you really don’t think a particular opportunity is right for you, but please, for everyone’s sake, do it early on.

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