Smartphone Adoption Spells Imminent Recruiter Headache

By Tony Restell

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There's a major headache brewing for the world's employers and recruiting brands. It's the rise of mobile internet and the unstoppable wave of smartphone adoption.

So where's the problem I hear you ask? Well from my soundings of job board owners and corporate recruiters, I've been hearing a recurring theme:

"Candidates are twice as unlikely to submit an application when reading a job listing on a mobile device than when they're browsing on a PC"

Consider that for a moment. Those in the recruitment space have spent much of the last decade refining their careers pages, job boards, online branding, job vacancy copy - all with the aim of encouraging more of the right people to respond to their openings. Yet here we have a development - completely outside of the control of recruiters - that could see their results devastated. Taken to the extreme, if all job search internet browsing were to switch from PCs to smartphones... overnight recruiters would see the response levels to their vacancies halve.

So I was particularly intrigued to see this new infographic from SuccessFactors, in which the latest data on mobile recruiting trends is revealed. Have my soundings of the industry been wide of the mark? There are some great insights in here, but unfortunately the headline is that my soundings fit with the data.

57% of jobseekers would like to search for jobs using their mobile device, but only 30% want to apply with their mobile

-> Which means lots of people browsing for jobs with no intention of applying at the point when they find one they like (ie. lots of applications will fall by the wayside).

Add to this the fact that 90% of all corporate websites are not yet optimised for mobile use and you can see that there's a major headache brewing for recruiters. Candidates are heading in a direction that recruiters are ill-prepared to deal with - and where the aggregate outcome will be a reduction in the volume of applications received.

Could it be time to ask the question "what is my organisation doing to address these trends?" Feel free to comment below.

Smartphone Adoption Spells Imminent Recruiter Headache

Source: A Mobile World - Recruiting Strategies Must Adapt - SuccessFactors Blog - Infographic



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