3 Signs That Your Social Recruitment Methods Can Be Improved

By Cheryl Morgan

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Since attracting top talent is a very important part of the success of any business, your recruitment methods need to adapt and stay on top of trends. It's possible to attract the employees that you want through social recruitment. However, if you aren't getting the results that you want, it may be time to figure out what you're doing wrong in order to make it right. Here are the top 3 signs that you need to change your social recruitment methods

No Cohesive Brand

It's hard to attract people to a company that isn't clear about its identity and what it stands for. Whether you want to or not, you brand your company with every social media post that you make. A corporate law firm is likely to have very different social media posts to an advertising agency, and that' a good thing as it will help people to see whether it's a company that they would fit in with or not. You also need to be consistent with your brand on social media so whilst you may decide to talk about slightly different things on Facebook compared with LinkedIn the brand values and tone of voice must remain the same.

Take action: Set specific guidelines for how you want to brand your company. Also, if possible, make one person within the recruitment team responsible for looking after your social media accounts. One of the things that sometimes happens when multiple people handle social media activity is that a business lacks one consistent voice. Make specific guidelines for how to infuse each post with the voice that you want customers and potential employees to identify as representative of your brand.

Social recruitment
Your social media followers want to be able to easily identify your brand from your posts.


Up your pace

Sometimes a fantastic potential hire will simply move on if future employment seems iffy or takes too long to finalise. If your hiring process is too slow, you will lose big in the fast-paced world that recruitment has become.

Take action: Work within your company to streamline the hiring process. Make modifications as needed to make hiring employees as smooth, fast, and efficient as possible from the moment when the social recruitment contact is initiated. That may include hiring an additional staff member to determine processes for handling initial offers, or it may simply mean that responsibilities are distributed differently to help expedite the process.

Social recruitment
You may lose some of the most promising potential employees if the hiring process takes too long.


Nobody wants to offend their audience on social media, but you may be making the mistake of playing things too safe if you never address what is going on with the world or in the lives of your customers. For example, if there is a national tragedy, making a chipper post that ignores the problem is likely to alienate and even offend potential hires.

Take action: Be sure to communicate with those who follow you on social media. Listen to what is being said and engage with people by answering their questions and commenting on their updates. That's an important part of making your company appear personable and caring. Pay attention to hashtags and always research them before using them in a nonchalant way. By connecting with your audience as well as potential hires on social media, you help people form positive associations with your brand.

Finally, keep in mind that things will continue to change and evolve as social media websites come and go. Continue to evaluate your progress and make choices to attract top talent. And take the time to check out our monthly social media recruiting plans for help along the way.

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