5 Easy Ways to Use Twitter for Recruitment

By Billy McDiarmid - Sourcing and Recruitment Technology Specialist - Glasgow

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Twitter is my favourite social media site. The amount of information available - combined with the facility to start building relationships quickly with potential candidates - means it should be a key part of your recruitment toolbox.

Here are 5 easy and effective ways to start using Twitter for Recruitment.

1. Search For Candidates

Using Twitter’s own Advanced Search, you can search easily for candidates by:-

  • What they are tweeting about
  • Geo-Location (where they were when tweeting)
  • When they were tweeting about something
  • Who they were tweeting to
  • Sentiment (Positive, Negative, and Questions)

One thing you can’t do from Twitter’s own search though, is search against bios. But fear not, FollowerWonk saves the day with an easy to use bio search tool.

2. Save and Segment Candidates Into Lists

Once you have found your candidates, then you can create lists and save your candidates to them. Take a look at my lists for some examples. 

You can also take this one step further by using IFTTT to automatically add people who are tweeting about certain things to a list that you have created.

3. Start To Build Relationships

The great thing about Twitter is that you can start to build relationships with your prospects informally. If you find a candidate who is of interest – and who has tweeted recently – then:

  • Follow the candidate
  • Reply to something that they have posted recently.
  • Perhaps share content with them that is relevant

Remember, that if the candidate follows you back, then you can use Twitter Direct Messages to get in touch.

4. Record and Post a Video Job Advert

Got a new vacancy? Then why not record a video advert and post it on Twitter. It is a new feature, launched in 2015. From your mobile device:

  • Create a new tweet
  • Select the image button
  • When your camera displays, changed to video mode

Record your video, check you are happy with it, then upload. Better than a link to a badly written advert!

5. Demonstrate Your Market Knowledge

Twitter is a great place to build your reputation as an expert in your field by posting original content great by you and sharing pieces found on other sites.

Use Feedly to track sites that have content that is relevant to your market (blogs, company websites, news page, etc). Feedly will automatically update with new content published to those sources. Then use Buffer to share them to Twitter easily. Buffer also conveniently also tracks all statistics relating to your tweets – number of retweets, clicks and favourites.

There you go – 5 easy ways that you can start to use Twitter for recruitment now!


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