5 Must-Use Digital Tools For The Modern Day Recruiter

By Drum Web Meetings

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Our working environment is an ever-changing landscape. The needs and requirements of professional evolve with that of technology. Social Media became a craze over night and needs must for any organisation. The world has only continued to divulge into the digital era eating into new technologies and methods to communicate and collaborate.

But what are the best tools to be using right now? Here we will give you an overview of what we feel are the vital tools you need when communicating online.

Hootsuite – For your social media management

Hootsuite is nothing new, but it is largely misunderstood and potentially misused. There are arguments for and against Hootsuite. We feel Hootsuite is the easier of choices to use and there is no other option. Schedule your Tweets and see in one screen all interaction you receive.

But how do you really assess whether a candidate or team members holds any influence within the digital world? Hootsuite provides instant access to a candidate or colleagues Klout score. Klout score gives you an idea of how influential someone is. Do you really want to be spending time on a marketing professional who can not market them selves on Twitter? Hootsuite has a free service, which we recommend using. Unless you decide you want more than five social media channels.

Drum – For your web meetings

Drum Web MeetingsIt can be a struggle to meet candidates and colleagues who are based in different parts of the country or the world. How do you effectively communicate with some one or screen a candidate over email? Sure it’s a useful tool to give you an overview, but can be often misleading. A Drum web meeting puts you directly in front of your colleague or candidate with real time audio and video (due for release). Instantly collaborate on documents and slideshows. 

Use this (currently free) tool to discuss and present job specs and project progress. Live presentation mode allows you to present any necessary documents relating to the job role or project whilst in audio or video. Similar to Hootsuite, there are alternative but nothing that we feel gives you the whole package without any downloads as effectively and efficiently.

EtherPad – Live collaboration on documents

EtherPad is the tool we recommend using once you have screened the candidate or agreed on next steps with your colleague. The core function of EtherPad is to collaborate on live documents.

Do you struggle to translate to your colleague or a hot candidate about the actual change that needed? EtherPad allows you to work directly with them and discuss in real time with no delays over email or phone calls. From there, you both have the new and update document.

Evernote – Note/task reminder

Evernote is a simple online resource, which is one of those tools that do directly what it says on the tin. You create notes and reminders in a cloud storage system. These can sync to your desktop or to your mobile device.


Share reminders or appointments and or interviews processes. When do you need to supply feedback? Have you found your self being caught up in other tasks or forgetting key moments in a project or candidates interview process? Create an Evernote account and be sure to stay on top of all tasks. Remember those articles telling you to spend half an hour at the end of the day to prep the next day? With Evernote… plan as you go. Set reminders for a web meeting with Drum or a document amendment with EtherPad.

WhatsApp – Instant contact with the candidates YOU need

WhatsApp is something we are all familiar with. We are all regular users even if Facebook decided to buy it and turn it into a paid subscription service. This is a tool (only really preferable for those with a company smart phone), which is at your fingertips – literally.


This is an extremely handy tool for being easily contactable and keeping regular contact with colleagues and candidates. WhatsApp does however need to be handled with care to ensure professional and personal barriers are not crossed. Be mindful! Otherwise your hard work could easily go to waste.

Is it restricted to recruiters?

We have spoken about the useful tools in terms of a team or a recruiter. However if you are looking for employment then these tools are easily adaptable for you. All tools are based on the free service. However there are premium services to enhance your experience. Grow with the ever-growing digital world and keep your skills fine tuned to ensure success is inevitable.

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