5 Things Facebook Can Tell You About Your Candidates

By Kyle Denhoff

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With just over a billion users, Facebook is the largest talent pool on the planet. In 2013, LinkedIn ran a global recruiting trends study that revealed recruiters find quality talent on social networking sites; second only to online job boards. With a large audience and quality candidates, Facebook is a community every staffing firm should utilize.

Facebook provides brands with data and insights to make better marketing decisions. Below are the top five metrics that can help you improve your Facebook marketing, and produce quality candidate leads.

1) Your Candidates Love Entertainment

When visiting your Facebook Insights, view the “Posts” tab to reveal the type of post your audience engages with. 

The post type with the largest reach will indicate the type of media your candidates like to consume. As you can see above, candidates like to consume visual posts. This particular staffing firm produces a “Hot Job of the Week” video. The video post type sparks engagement from the candidate audience and in turn reaches more people. The larger the reach, the more people see your staffing company name and logo.

2) Your Candidates Love Resources

When visiting Facebook Insights, view the “Likes” tab to reveal which day of the year produces the most likes on your page. Find out what you posted that day that resulted in Likes on your page.

This particular client posted information about an open house for candidates on May 29th.  This post was shared and liked by multiple individuals, and appeared in front of candidate’s personal networks. This post reached an audience of 380 people.

Free resources like an open house can excite candidates. Share resources. Help your candidates solve their problems. They will return the favor by Liking you and sharing your staffing firm with their personal network.

3) Your Candidates are Mobile

Mobile traffic to staffing websites averaged around 15% of visits in 2013. Some staffing firms saw mobile traffic as high as 30%. Use your Facebook Insights to determine if your Facebook traffic is coming from mobile devices.

The gray spikes represent mobile likes to this staffing firm’s Facebook page. This staffing firm received 35% of its Likes from a mobile device. What can you do to make sure you are appealing to mobile users?

4) Your Candidates Login on Monday 

Visit your Facebook Insights post page to see on average when your audience logs into Facebook. When you hover over the day a dark line will appear showing you spikes in Facebook traffic.

This staffing firms audience logs into Facebook on Mondays at 11:30 am, 4:00 pm, and 10:00 pm. These are ideal times to post content for your audience. 

5) Your Candidates Love to be Recognized!

Facebook Insights allows you to filter your posts with the farthest reach. These are the posts that were seen by the most Facebook users. In 2013 this particular staffing firm had two posts that reached a large audience:

These two post types sparked the most engagement among candidates on the Facebook page. When the recent placement was posted the employee liked the image and in turn shared it with her personal network. Her friends and family liked the image as well, and the reach snowballed.

What have we learned about our candidates? 

If you are looking for more information on how to develop a social media strategy as a staffing firm or recruiter, contact Haley Marketing Group today at 888-696-2900. Haley Marketing has a ton of resources including blogs and webinars to help staffing firms improve the way they market to candidates and clients.

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