6 Ways to Become a World Class Social Recruiter

By Tess Curle Taylor, PHR, CPC

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Award winner In the world of professional recruiting, developing an outstanding reputation in your market is the key to success. Being known for having the highest level of placement rates, customer service, and industry excellence are the hallmarks of the world class recruiter.

How does one attain this status as a social recruiter?

Let’s look at 6 ways you can become known as the best in class.

#1 – You are connected to the best companies.

Being the best social recruiter means you take the time to develop and leverage the networks of companies you work with. But rather than just focusing on companies in your industry, you focus on connecting with the top respected companies. Being known as a world class recruiter, you will use your industry knowledge and connections to stand out among your peers.

#2 – You demonstrate full transparency and respect to all candidates.

As a top notch social recruiter, you are known for being clear about opportunities and avoid playing “games” with candidates. Instead, you use transparency in all communications. You work to show respect to all candidates, offering them feedback and follow-up at every opportunity. 

#3 - You use tactfulness and professionalism on social networks.

Social recruiting is different than face-to-face recruitment activities, but as a world class recruiter you use complete professionalism at all times to protect your online reputation. This means you return communication in a timely manner. You write well and to the point in all social messages. You don’t go where you are not wanted, and you do not step on others to achieve goals.

#4 – Your social profile shows that you are a thought leader.

Instead of merely setting up basic social media profiles, as a stand out recruiter you take the time to develop a branded presence that shows off your industry knowledge. You are active in niche groups by sharing valuable insight and content. Your peers regard you as a subject matter expert.

#5 – You make it easy for clients and candidates to work with you.

Some recruiters believe that others should jump through their hoops. This is not the case with you. Instead, you make it easy for top talent to connect with you, and clients to work with you -- using social networking tools. You have easy terms and flexibility to exceed expectations.

#6 – You contribute to the advancement of all social recruiters worldwide.

As a leading social recruiter, you are not just looking out for numero uno. You are also concerned with and contributing to the success of your colleagues in this market. Being a great recruiter means you are promoting the use of social recruitment technology and teaching others how to make the most of this resource.

By working towards achieving the above factors, you too can become known as the best in the recruiting market. Be a world class social recruiter and look towards the future in this rewarding career. 

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