Adding Facebook To Your Social Recruiting Strategy: 10 Point Checklist

By Tony Restell

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With a larger - and more active - population than any other social media site*, recruiters are eager to figure out how Facebook can become a more integral part of their social recruiting strategies. That's why we're sharing this 40 minute webinar, detailing 10 steps you need to address to become a more effective recruiter on Facebook.

* Source: LinkedIn vs. Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google+ vs. Pinterest

The full 40 minute presentation follows, but by way of synopsis, here's what you'll learn if you take the time to devour the contents of this webinar: 

1. Why it's important to ensure you have a Facebook Business Page and not a Facebook profile page - and how to make the switch from one to the other.

2. The importance of merging any duplicate pages together.

3. How and why to claim your Vanity URL (and if you have one already, how you have just one shot at editing it)

4. Avoiding falling foul of the rules of Facebook Pages for Business.

5. Ideas for using Facebook as your career site, how to optimise for this purpose - and why it's a great idea!

6. How and why to advertise your page, company and jobs using Facebook ads.

7. Using tabs to showcase your latest career openings

8. Thinking through your strategy: what's your target, your plan to achieve that target and your budget?

9. The importance of ensuring you send out only the most relevant posts

10. Creating separate pages for different sectors or countries - why do this?

Video: The 10 Point Checklist For Recruiting On Facebook


Our thanks go to the team at Social Talent, both for hosting such an informative webinar - and for allowing us to share the contents here with the Social-Hire readership. Which of these ideas have you implemented yourself - and what else have you found to be particularly effective? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below. If you are a recruiter looking to become more effective on Facebook then other resources you may find useful are:

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