Being Part of the #Movement on Top Recruiter

By Will Thomson- Executive Sales Recruiter- Austin, TX

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It was about 2 years ago when Chris LaVoie sent me a message in a closed Facebook group talking about Top Recruiter. When he reached out to me, I did not know much about the show.  He had asked me a little about my recruiting background and told me that my peers had good things to say about me.  Truthfully, reality Television was never something I had ever considered.  I have two small children, a wife, and a demanding job and didn’t know how I would do in front of a camera. 

We started following each other.  I started paying attention to what he was doing in the show and in the industry.  Last year I wrote a post on Social-Hire which you can read here.  After that, I really started to pay attention. I became a fan.  I became a fan of Top Recruiter, but also of executive producer Chris LaVoie. 

Fast-forward to 2014 and Chris sent me another message.  He said we needed to talk over the phone.   We started talking about me and my career ambitions and what I was looking to accomplish in Recruiting.  Chris then became a fan.  He became a fan of Will Thomson.  We both realized at that moment in time, our goals were similar and we had the same attitude on life in general.  We both could help one another. 

You see, Chris is a genius behind the camera.  I say that with complete confidence because I witnessed it first hand.   I wasn’t ready, nor do I ever think I will ever be ready for a prime time slot as a contestant on Top Recruiter.   I did however go to the Gala on June 1.  I was honored to be part of his Top 50 movers and Shakers in HR/Recruitment 2014.  I watched his magic as he created one of the most beautifully orchestrated events I have ever been a part of.  It truly was a once in a lifetime opportunity.   

I met people I had only dreamed of meeting.  I had powerful conversations with real CEO’s and collaborated on recruiting and HR.  I know the show has had some criticism by many HR practitioners.  The claim of the naysayers is that there is no room for reality TV.  Let me tell you, there is much more to this show than beats the eye.

Chris LaVoie is not just a producer.  He is someone who wants and likes to see others succeed.  He likes to surround himself with uplifting people who are doing great things.  Every person that I met at the Gala was just that.  Amazing.  There was a reason the contestants were chosen.  There was a reason the Top 50 attended the event.  They weren’t just successful.  They were great individuals.  Honest, hardworking, sincere, genuine people that I would want to know.   

There is much more screening than you could ever imagine when it comes to screening individuals for the show.  Success is just a portion.  I realized that after I attended the event. 

On September 9, 2014 Top Recruiter 3 will air at  With 4 Million viewers today, I only see this “movement” as Chris calls it continuing.   The Gala will be the 1st episode.   You will know then why Top Recruiter is so great.  Season 4 is casting now and if you would like to be a part of the greatness, you can audition online. 

The above picture is with Mike Cooke, CEO of the Brandon Hall Group and his wife Rachel Cooke, the COO of the Brandon Hall Group.  Two of my favorite people I met at the event.  


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