Don't Be That Recruiter: 5 Ways to Get A Job Seeker to Hate You

By Global Strategic Management Institute

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A recruiter isn’t always the most popular of professionals. You’d think that a person who tries to help job seekers land a job and helps organizations hire quality employees, would be well liked. The problem is, as with so many professions, some recruiters lack the right skills to excel in their job. Don’t be that recruiter.

Here is a list of five surefire ways to get job seekers to hate you.

1) Failing to understand the open position.

Many job seekers tell nightmare tales of a recruiter who set up an interview for one position only to show up and find out the job wasn’t at all what they thought. Often this is because the recruiter doesn’t take the time to really understand the position they are trying to fill. Other times this is because they don’t fully explain the position to the potential candidate. Either scenario is not one you want to put your candidates in.

2) Not returning calls.

We get it. You’re busy. When you don’t return job seekers’ calls though, all it communicates to them is that you don’t care. This easy-to-make mistake is one of the fastest ways to get job seekers to resent you. What is almost as bad as not calling back at all is failing to call back in a timely fashion.

3) Neglecting to give feedback.

Job seekers are looking to you to help them land a job. A big part of that is through helping them improve their interview skills. If you don’t give offer them feedback on their interviews, they can’t improve. Understandably, sometimes you might not receive any feedback from a hiring manager, but any information you can offer is helpful. A great recruiter will be running test interviews with job seekers and can offer constructive criticism and tips to improve for the real thing.

4) Contacting job seekers for inappropriate positions.

This is a result of not fully understanding a candidates background, skills, and/or wants for a position. Getting a job seeker’s hopes up for a position that they may not be qualified for or doesn’t suit their needs, will quickly get you on their bad side.

5) Posting positions that don’t exist.

Understandably, you are trying to build a list of candidates for positions you are looking to fill, but posting positions that don’t exist will put you on the fast track to angering job seekers. Everyone is strapped for time, including job seekers, so answering a posting only to find out there is no position is frustrating. Being transparent in all your dealings is the best way to go. 


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Wendy is a communication consultant and owner of Wendy Parish Consulting. She helps clients get the word out in a variety of mediums. You can find her writing smeared all over the internet at a variety of sites including Marketing Dive, DIY Insanity, and of course her tweets @ParishWendy as well as writing on Social Recruiting and Social Media Issues for the GSMI Blog

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