How to attract Passive Candidates (Infographic)

By Technically Compatible

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In an age of sustained global talent shortages and record employment rates, recruiters are increasingly looking for more innovative ways to build their talent network and connect with candidates who are not actively seeking a new opportunity. This is particularly prevalent in the technical recruitment sector where the number of opportunities vastly outstrip the number of qualified candidates. A modern recruiters' challenge is to convert those who are 'off the grid' to their next hire. 

According to a comprehensive LinkedIn survey of 18,000 users across 26 countries, passive candidates account for around 75% of the workforce, but the number of 'super-passive' candidates within this subset is reducing. Implying that more people are on the lookout for a new role. Predominately due to two factors; the increased transparency of these opportunities via social networks and the overall improvement in global economic outlook. 

We recently produced a series of resources on passive candidates, culminating in this Infographic which pulls together our research highlights. For further context, the Passive Candidate Whitepaper can be downloaded from our website. We would love to hear your thoughts on this, is this an accurate review of your experience of connecting with the elusive passive candidate, or do you employ alternative methods? Please feel free to drop us a comment before or message us on Twitter @TechCompatible. To view a larger version, click on the image to open up the original on our website in a new window. 

Passive Candidate Infographic

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