How To Ruin Your Employer Brand

By Irina Nagy

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I’ve already talked about the importance of building a strong employer brand and how essential it is to carefully nurture the relationship with job seekers and employees in one of my previous blog posts. And I hope all businesses, no matter how big or small they are, are aware of the importance of investing time and money into building a great and attractive employer brand.

Building a robust, trusted employer brand can be a time consuming, expensive process but should be viewed as an essential ingredient in any talent attraction strategy in order to attract, retain top talent and drive profit and innovation within a business. If it’s not well taken care of, it can bring more damage than benefits…

I’ve heard this quote many times and I tend to believe it’s very true: “It can take years to build a brand and only five minutes to destroy it”.

So, here they are, 3 simple ways to completely destroy your employer brand:

With social media, globalization and businesses becoming increasingly transparent, word can get around very quickly therefore all employers should be aware that an employer brand can provide them with a strong competitive advantage. And I will talk about this and ways to build a strong employer brand in a future blog post.


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