How To Turn Passive Candidates into Curious Candidates

By Experteer

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McKinsey coined the term War For Talent in 1997. Most headhunters and recruiters see this as the reality now. In non-transparent labor markets marred by uncertainty, the one thing that distinguishes one company from another is the quality of talent they possess. Even with the overload of candidates on different online platforms, finding the right ones is often a challenge for headhunters and recruiters alike. A variety of services allowing for headhunters to sift through the noise have come up as a result in response to this need. But the greatest challenge that headhunters face is that about 75% of candidates on all online platforms are considered ‘passive’. The graph below indicates the behavior showcased by these passive candidates online. The silver lining is that even though they are not actively seeking jobs, about 45% of ‘passive candidates’ are open to talking to a recruiter or headhunter.


At the top of the funnel Headhunters and Recruiters need to make extra efforts to employ active sourcing techniques to reach the candidates they wish to reach. The next key question is how can you turn these passive candidates into curious candidates?! When a large number of online candidates are being contacted, how can a headhunter ensure that these connections are successfully matched with their search mandates and available positions?

We offer some insights in our eBook entitled: how to turn passive candidates into curious candidates (get your free copy here) and here are the top 4 tips:




We hope these are useful tips for recruiters and headhunters alike and that through these tips recruitment can move towards more sustainable and efficient methods.

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