Increase Candidate Referrals with Facebook Engagement


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Using social media to recruit talent for open jobs has become a popular method in today’s competitive business world. Companies that do not use social media to recruit candidates are losing out on thousands, if not millions, of potential candidates.

Whether you are presently hiring, or using a continual recruitment process, your company needs to use social media in its candidate recruitment process. One of the most important sites to use is Facebook, where you can interact on a regular basis with candidates.

Use Videos, Images and Graphs

When using Facebook to recruit candidates, be sure that your company utilizes visual imagery. This includes photos, videos and graphics. These items can tell the story of your company, an open job, or a project being worked on right now in the office. A study from ROI Research in 2012 found that 44 percent of candidates said they would be more inclined to engage with a company that posts pictures, videos or other graphics.

Treat Candidates Like High-Value Customers

Another important tip is to treat all of your job candidates like they are high-value customers of the company. Any candidate that applies to your company is a potential hire and a potential referrer of future hires. Even if they are not a perfect fit for current job openings, they could send your company qualified candidates as referrals. When you treat your candidates like high-value customers when engaging with them on Facebook, you are building a relationship that will benefit you in the future.

Conduct Interesting Conversations

Instead of scheduling posts days in advance for your company Facebook page, consider having an employee post live to the site at multiple times per weekday. You can schedule posts for the weekend days when no one is in the office. By posting live to Facebook, you will be able to engage your candidates with interesting conversation with each post. The more interesting content you post, the better engagement you will have with your job candidates.

Showcase Your Brand

When using Facebook to recruit job candidates, be sure you showcase the brand of your company. Branding is very important because it shows candidates and clients what type of company they are researching. The brand will show candidates how you treat your employees, how you view and value them and how you have built the company throughout its history. You also need to make sure that the color scheme, text, font and other items are the same across your Facebook page, Twitter page, LinkedIn page and more.

When companies use Facebook to increase their candidate referrals they are tapping into a market that is laden with millions of potential employees. Use Facebook to your company’s advantage and increase your referrals today.

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