Insider Secrets: How Recruiters Are Hiring Candidates in 2012

By Tony Restell

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Updated 18 September 2012

Are you a candidate who would like to target your job hunting efforts as effectively as possible? Or perhaps a recruiter eager to get the inside scoop on how other recruiters are sourcing candidates in the ever-evolving recruiting space?

Either way, the charts we've sourced from social talent provide actual hard data on the recruiting channels in use today - and crucially their effectiveness. Scroll down for the full data (and hats off to the team at social talent for getting inside these organisations to source the data, most of which comes from UK & Ireland and USA & Canada).

Social Media Marketing: How Recruiters Are Adapting

There are so many gems of information to extract from this data, but here are a few key insights we've pulled out for you:

1. Despite all the hype about social media - and scaremongering about the demise of job boards - job boards are still absolutely key in the recruitment mix. Some 83% of recruiters advertise their vacancies via job boards, with 63% having maintained or ramped up their job board activity compared to last year.

Furthermore, 65% of recruiters have made as many or more hires from job boards this year compared to last year. So it would seem that social media activity is supplementing rather than replacing job boards as a source of candidate hires.

For the candidates amongst  you, it's therefore essential that you keep monitoring the job boards in your industry for open vacancies and not solely focus on social media; whilst for recruiters, it's telling that in an audience using social media so intensively, job boards are still seen to be such a strong source of candidate hires.

(Note: this ties in with the anecdotal evidence I'm hearing from recruiters, that social media is proving very effective for proactively approaching candidates; but that when looking to advertise roles the quality, volume and consistency of response are still much greater when adverts are placed on job boards rather than social media sites)


2. Social networking sites are now being extensively used for recruiting purposes - and any candidates who haven't perfected their LinkedIn presence and other social media profiles are now putting themselves at a distinct disadvantage (see my other blog posts where perfecting your candidate profiles is covered in depth).

(Note: some of these figures sound low to me, you'd have to wonder why 2/3 of recruiters are continuing to recruit through Twitter if only 19% have ever made a hire as a result. The explanation is probably that social media activity is seen to have a positive impact on engaging candidates. The hires may subsequently come through the corporate careers site or a jobs board or referral - and are not captured in the social network totals. But the spark that prompted the initial interest I suspect is being seen as the social media interactions that preceded the applications, hence the ongoing interest in engaging via such channels)


3. By way of more encouraging overall news, recruiters are upbeat about the state of the market. 58% said that they’re working on more vacancies than last year, with a strong positive balance having grown their recruiting teams in response to - and in anticipation of - greater hiring demand.


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So interesting findings for candidates and recruiters alike. Overall the data supports the position we've taken with regards to hiring patterns in the age of social media. Our view is that social media has created a new category of recruiting (which we affectionately call #splearch). Our advice is that candidates need to be focused on i) proactively searching for open vacancies and networking where possible to gain a headstart in being interviewed for these and ii) perfecting their social media profiles - and engagement with recruiters - so that the chance of being approached by recruiters direct is also maximised.

For a detailed review of this new form of recruiting - and how it impacts you - see: Don't Give Up On Job Boards Just Yet...

Insider Secrets: How Recruiters Are Hiring Candidates in 2012

Insider Secrets: How Recruiters Are Hiring Candidates in 2012

Source: social talent

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