LinkedIn - Some Compelling Facts To Counter The Fiction

By Tony Restell

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"As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information."
Benjamin Disraeli

What would you say if I told you that LinkedIn's own data shows that LinkedIn is not eating the recruiting industry? Or that LinkedIn's own data shows that job boards continue to be the single most important source of quality hires for companies around the world?

I imagine you'd be shocked.

You'd be shocked because mainstream media have barely gone a day without writing of how LinkedIn is decimating the recruitment agency sector or bringing about the demise of the traditional job board. Read this fiction often enough and you can start to believe it must be true. Take these articles as fact and corporate recruiters could very easily make decisions that prove very costly for their businesses.

LinkedIn - Some Compelling Facts To Counter The Fiction

So allow me to share with you some facts that will make you view the recruitment landscape in a whole new light. These facts come from LinkedIn's recently published reports on the latest recruiting trends around the world - and are based on over 3,000 responses from talent acquisition professionals who are members of LinkedIn. Similar studies have been conducted by LinkedIn over the last years, allowing changes in the recruitment sector to be clearly identified.

Below I've embedded the Global, US and UK reports. There are some fascinating insights, well worth taking a read if you're a recruiter planning your hiring strategy for the coming years. For the purposes of this article though, I simply wanted to extract some compelling facts to counter the fiction that has been appearing in so much of the media coverage about LinkedIn (and social recruiting more broadly). You will see that a lot of the angles peddled in these articles simply aren't supported by the facts:

  • Globally, internet job boards are ranked as the most important source of quality hires made this last year, ahead of social networks. Internet job boards have also grown in importance since 2011 (Source: Global report, page 7)
  • Reducing reliance on traditional job boards doesn't make it into recruiters' top 10 most important trends for recruiting professionals worldwide (Source: Global report, page 8). Even in the US - which often leads trends later seen in other markets - recruiters place nine other trends as being more important than reducing reliance on traditional job boards (Source: US report, page 7)
  • Recruitment agencies continue to feature in the Top 3 most important sources of quality hires made this last year (Source: Global report, page 7). If you take a market that has historically been reliant on recruitment agencies, like the UK, you'll even find that recruitment agencies were the single most important source of quality hires made this last year - and that the importance of recruitment agencies has actually grown over the last two years (Source: UK report, page 6).

I'm personally an avid user of LinkedIn and an advocate of the role that social platforms can play in your recruiting strategy. LinkedIn has had a profound impact on the recruiting sector by allowing corporates to research and approach shortlist candidates in ways previously not possible. It's also an increasingly potent business tool for supporting employer branding, for supporting SMEs in the area of CRM and a whole host of other innovative ways LinkedIn have been working on to leverage the platform to deliver real business value. But let's not allow a good story in the press to divert our attentions from the reality of the facts. Survey large numbers of corporate recruiters and you find that both recruitment agencies and job boards are considered as key elements in securing quality hires, irrespective of the impact social networks have had.

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LinkedIn - Global Recruiting Trends 2013


Global Recruiting Trends 2013 from LinkedIn Talent Solutions


LinkedIn - US Recruiting Trends 2013


US Recruiting Trends 2013 from LinkedIn Talent Solutions


LinkedIn - UK Recruiting Trends 2013


United Kingdom Recruiting Trends 2013 from LinkedIn Talent Solutions
Image source: Quozio
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