Social Media: 5 Of The Best Social Recruiting Articles of 2012

By Social-Hire

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Social recruiting has increasingly been embraced as 2012 has unfolded. Recruiters have increasingly dabbled in ways of reaching out to potential hires via social media - in part to drive up the volume of hires made in-house. As we head into 2013, we wanted to take a quick look back at the most popular social recruiting articles to have appeared on Social-Hire during 2012. If you missed these when first published, they're well worth a look:

The Must Read Candidate Advice of 2012


Social Recruiting Must Read #1: How Social Media Has Flipped Recruiting On Its Head

There's so much commentary around the transformation of the recruiting landscape. How social media is providing a recruiting option that undermines recruitment agencies and job boards alike. Yet isn't this missing the bigger picture?...

Social Recruiting Must Read #2: Insider Secrets: How Recruiters Are Hiring Candidates in 2012

Are you a recruiter eager to get the inside scoop on how other recruiters are sourcing candidates in the ever-evolving recruiting space? Here's some hard data on the recruiting channels in use today - and crucially their effectiveness...

Social Recruiting Must Read #3: LinkedIn: Recruiter Shortcomings Exposed

Are large swathes of the recruitment industry going to be washed away by the rise of the LinkedIn recruiter offerings, as suggested by an article on ERE earlier this year? In our view this is far-fetched because of several key shortcomings in the LinkedIn offering...

Social Recruiting Must Read #4: Social Recruiting - The Ultimate Twitter Strategy Tool

Just recently we stumbled across what appears to be the ultimate twitter strategy tool. Whatever line of business you're in, this could have a profound effect on how you implement your twitter strategy - and nowhere more so than in the sphere of social recruiting...

Social Recruiting Must Read #5: How Recruiters are Using Social Media

In 2012 Bullhorn Reach conducted a study on social recruiting activity to showcase how recruiters are using (or not using!) the top three social media platforms to engage with potential candidates...


Of course this is just a small selection of the articles and guest contributions we've published this last year. To explore more of our social recruiting content visit the Social Recruiting Advice blog and our Recruiter Essentials newsletter. If there are topics you would particularly like to see us address in the coming year, please leave a comment below or contact the Social-Hire team via @social_hire or via email on talent at Looking forward to serving your needs and helping to further your social recruiting efforts in 2013 and beyond!


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