Social Media Hiring: What Kind of Person are You Looking for?

By Cheryl Morgan

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Social media hiring

Retaining top talent on a long-term basis is crucial to the success of your company. The best way to reduce the turnover rate is to choose wisely when you're hiring. Knowing the kind of person that you're seeking is key in the recruiting process. Although job descriptions will always be needed, candidate persona listings can provide better matches with company culture. Social media hiring is most successful when you attract the right people from the start.
It's important to find candidates who are a good match with your persona listing.

Be Detailed

When it comes to creating candidate persona listings, it's important to be both detailed and entertaining. You need to include what your basic expectations are for a candidate. For example, if you request a bachelor's degree or just a semester of study in a subject, that should be outlined as part of the persona detail along with any other minimum requirements.

A candidate's personal traits and behavioural patterns need to be a good fit for your candidate persona listing, so be sure to spell those out early on in the listing. Be detailed about what matters and sparse about what's most flexible. Next, you also want to be sure to add information about the type of goals that your ideal candidate will set for themself both within the company and professionally in general.

Social media hiring
Persona listings help you understand more about the potential candidate than many other steps in the hiring process.


Save Time in the Social Media Hiring Process

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make during the hiring process is advancing candidates that are simply a wrong fit for the company. You may opt to use a simple online tool like Aorta to help you better assess the position that you need to fill. In about a half-hour of work, you can use it to get a more detailed job profile that can be used alongside candidate persona listings. It can help you realise things about the position that aren't immediately clear through initial observations.


Use a Job Ad to Expand on Ideal Worker Personas

The job advert is also a useful tool for showcasing the ideal person you're looking for, but is often not exploited enough and can just end up being a dry list of skills and experience. You can use a service like Jobviddy to make video job ads that will be more appealing to your target audience and run these across social platforms. These can be used to give job seekers a better feel for the open position and the company itself.

By providing much more detail in the job advert, you can save yourself and candidates a lot of time. It gets your requirements out there in an easily accessible and simple way. While some people may not read an entire job ad, many candidates will sit down and watch a brief, interesting job ad in the form of a video.



You need to keep the kind of person you're seeking in mind during every step of the hiring process. If you're keen to build your recruiting brand on social media to showcase what your company is like to work for and start to build relationships with ideal candidates then check out our monthly social media recruiting plans.

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