Social Recruitment All-Stars: Our Top Picks

By Lindsay Shoemake, JWT INSIDE Account Coordinator

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It’s easy to pinpoint companies who have stellar social recruitment strategies on popular sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, but what about trickier platforms like or Pinterest or even Vine? Luckily, we’ve done our research and compiled a comprehensive list of companies that are on top of their social recruitment game. Read on below for our top picks and be sure to take notes – maybe your social recruitment strategy will be the next to take the cake in all of the below!


Verizon WirelessVerizon Careers’ Facebook account utilizes the app bar on its page to segment career opportunities by demographic. There are post-grad and experienced opportunities posted, making it easy to target separate hiring demographics in one click.

Red Bull – The infamous energy drink brand uses a built-in Facebook app page that includes a map that pinpoints open positions across the world. Not only is the app’s interface highly interactive, but it also conveys to potential employees that Red Bull is forward thinking and app-oriented.


Microsoft – The microsoftlife Instagram account is committed to “Showcasing the world of working at Microsoft through vivid imagery.” This account is definitely one to watch in the sense of showcasing company culture in new and creative ways.  

Starbucks – The starbucksjobs account posts “fresh-brewed Instagrams” to give followers insight into a day-in-the-life at Starbucks. Both corporate and retail positions are represented, giving followers a well-rounded glimpse into the Starbucks life.


 Zappos – Zappos also has an excellent career-specific recruitment YouTube channel, which features videos highlighting the company’s culture and various roles. The channel features several “A Day in the Life” videos that follows the workdays of several Zappos employees.

Whole Foods – The food retailer’s YouTube channel does a great job of showcasing company culture and enticing new hires with its employee profile videos. Whole Foods also executes its education initiative perfectly, touching on the importance of buying organic, local and more.


Zappos – Zappos’ @InsideZappos Twitter handle is unique in that it is dedicated to recruitment, but has yet to tweet a single job posting.

Glassdoor – The @GlassdoorHire handle not only jumpstarts about career opportunities at Glassdoor, but also at the companies hosted through the site.


Taco BellTaco Bell’s Pinterest account is one of the most impressive across the board, by showcasing the company’s culture in an expert way. Unique boards are in place to spotlight the fast food brands culture, eats, activities and more.


Apple – the brand’s LinkedIn account is great at consistently updating with both new career opportunities and technology news pertaining to Apple’s wide array of sleek products.

Google Google’s LinkedIn entices career hopefuls to “Do cool things that matter” with its expertly-branded page that plays off of Google’s signature culture and colors.


Aviary – Photo editing app Aviary uses Vine to recruit talented techies for its team. Although social recruitment on Vine isn’t common, being creative is important when it comes to shooting a great video!


McDonald’s – Fast-food chain McDonald’s has a Glassdoor profile that many would envy. Not only does the header photo of the profile convey a McDonald’s of much simpler times, but the profile entails a hefty amount of employee reviews (over 2,600!), enticing graphics intended to ramp up engagement  and an abundance of both in-store and corporate positions to apply to.

Like what you’re seeing or have favorites of your own? Leave your top social recruitment strategy contenders in a comment below. Happy recruiting! 

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