Start Your Own Recruitment Business by Turning Five Negatives into Five Positives

By Recruit Ventures

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Start Your Own Recruitment Business by Turning Five Negatives into Five Positives

Some recent research has revealed the five main reasons why people leave a job. In short they were:

If you’re working as a recruitment consultant have you ever ticked any or all of those boxes? Be honest, it’s likely.

Leaving a job is always a challenge. Out of the frying pan into the fire possibly. Or maybe things were so bad you left without a job to go to, in which case you’ll know what terror feels like.

Looking again at those five negatives, they are in fact the very opposites of starting up on your own in the recruitment business. Many start-up recruitment companies are launched by recruitment consultants who want to go it alone. The entrepreneurial streak is in their DNA.

So, running your own consultancy will certainly make you feel good about what you do. It’s yours, and it will be your success.

You’re definitely going to feel important. You’ll be running the show!

If you can’t feel you’re growing when you launch your own business, you never will. Now you’ll have the chance to grow personally and professionally. And your efforts will make your business grow.

Support? Well, you’ll need to be a good manager to get the best out of your people, so that they support you. But, in the early stages you’ll need support to set up. Get your systems running, and have the finances in place. Outside support is there if you look. Choose wisely and you’ll have not just sound backing but the autonomy to feel good about yourself, and feel important.

And when it comes to pay, you’ll be your own master. Of course you’ll need to be prudent at the start, but the main thing is the harder you work the more you’ll earn. And that’s not always true when you’re an employee.

So, if you know the recruitment business, and you’re not completely happy about what you’re doing, take a look at those five negative feelings; the reasons why people leave jobs. Then turn them into positives – and start on your own. It could be exactly what you’re destined for.



David Simons has extensive recruitment knowledge and experience having worked in the industry for over 20 years. He is currently Managing Director of Recruit Ventures where he works closely with joint venture partners, assisting and advising them on their start-up businesses.

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