The Top 10 Recruiter Own Goals!


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The pressures on the modern day recruiter are immense. Tightened budgets, heightened pressure to reduce agency involvement, new legislation to be mindful of, a raft of new social media & referral platforms to assess, finding time to engage with talent pools and followers. The list goes on and on.

Try finding a couple of hours this week to extract yourself from the daily chores - and think from a strategic and ROI perspective what you could be doing differently to increase your effectiveness. We were prompted to write on this subject when we stumbled across the following great infographic by Resoomay. It's worth thinking about how many of these shortcomings your team are guilty of - and what processes / training you could put in place to address this. Certainly the issues of writing poor job descriptions / adverts and failing to adequately sell the role / company are two that we hear bemoaned frequently within the industry.

6 Tips For Recruiting More Effectively With Social Media

With our social media hats on, we'd add to the Resoomay list the following checklist to improve your social recruiting effectiveness:

  1. Do your team work to a defined schedule, so that the time investment in social media channels is strictly regulated (rather than being allowed to consume chunks of the day unintentionally)?
  2. Have you organised your team such that you have someone designated to becoming the expert in each social media channel you are targeting? Being successful on Twitter is quite different from being successful on Google+ or LinkedIn. Why not have only one person learn these lessons for each platform and then ensure you have measures in place to share best practice amongst the team?
  3. Have you defined the strategic goals for your social media activities and have these been adequately communicated to - and digested by - your team? Building up a long-term candidate following requires different approaches to maximising short-term application volumes, as does more general employer brand building. Make sure everyone on the team knows the strategic priorities and is using social media accordingly.
  4. Does your team have some measures in place to assess whether you're on track to fulfil these strategic goals? Do you have a mechanism in place to learn what's proving to be most effective in delivering on your strategic goals, so that less productive elements can be deprioritised or dropped altogether? Are your team being held accountable for these results?
  5. Have you incorporated listening to the market into your routine, so that the team can gauge how your social media efforts are being perceived in the market and can fine-tune accordingly?
  6. Have you thought of ways you can leverage on the networks of all your employees and / or partners, so that the effectiveness of each of your initiatives is boosted by network multipliers?

It's addressing these types of issues - and the more general recruiting shortcomings below - that will position organisations for success when a tighter labour market returns. What other issues would you add that recruiters should be addressing?


Infographic: The Top 10 Recruiter Own Goals!


The Top Ten Screening Mistakes by Recruiters
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