The Two Vital Markets for a Start-Up Recruitment Business

By Recruit Ventures

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If you’re a recruitment start up aiming to be number one-you need to consider two audiences and that’s something that often gets overlooked.

In truth, there are many challenges that face the start-up recruitment business. Issues like finance, branding and operational systems, all of which need to be in place before you start. However, one key area that many start-ups overlook in their enthusiasm to get going is the fact that they have two key markets.

You need to attract clients, of course. You need a solid base of employer organisations who want to use your services. But then, to satisfy that need, you need candidates.

It sounds obvious, but it’s a vital part of your communications strategy from day one. As a resource for employers you need to ensure that you represent a credible, knowledgeable and reliable service. Key to that is being able to provide quality candidates.

As an attractive option for candidates you need to be seen as well connected, experienced and trustworthy. Key to that is having good clients.

All too often even the most well managed and highly driven start-ups will miss the opportunities to develop those twin images. Even worse, they’ll create a website that does a great job of selling to employers and then relegate the essential interface with candidates to a less than accessible button buried on the home page.

If you’re starting up you’ll doubtless be experienced. And you’re probably a great recruitment consultant who now wants to ‘do it you way’. As great a consultant as you are, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a great marketer, website builder or strategist. It will pay to talk to experts who can be objective about your plans, and give you sound advice.

Sometimes you can get so close to your own project you lose focus on essential points. Even something as obvious as the fact that you have two audiences, and they need different messages.

It’s worth talking to specialists who can run a reality check on your plans, because having all the wrinkles ironed out before you launch will pay handsome dividends.

It’s going to be challenging enough, so address the key ones sensibly from the outset.


David Simons has extensive recruitment knowledge and experience having worked in the industry for over 20 years. He is currently Managing Director of Recruit Ventures where he works closely with joint venture partners, assisting and advising them on their start-up businesses.
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