There’s Room for You to Start Your Own Recruitment Business

By Recruit Ventures

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There’s Room for You to Start Your Own Recruitment Business

David Simons, Managing Director of Recruit Ventures has views on starting a recruitment business. He says, do the maths!

‘I’ve been looking at the size of the UK recruitment market. Last year’s figures give us a picture of a sector worth somewhere around £26billion. Now, even if you’re starting out in a small way, that’s a big cake from which even a modestly sized slice represents a big number’, says David Simons, Managing Director of Recruit Ventures.

‘Our business model is aimed at helping recruitment professionals start up their own businesses. We offer the financial backing, free of outlay, free of being a franchisee and without the need for a bank loan. We provide the back-up systems, and help with branding. It’s a package that gives entrepreneurially minded consultants the opportunity to do it their way. But, even with the peace of mind and firm footing we provide some would be start-ups are daunted by the fear of competition’.

In developing his point, David Simons went on to say, ‘Do the maths. Way less than 1% of the market would be a significant figure in turnover. In reality, even 1% market share is of course an optimistic target, certainly to start with. But, given the sheer size of the market, there is room for more recruitment consultancies to thrive. Geography, specific sectors, specialising in a particular service are all ways in which you can build a niche, and in such a big market focusing on a niche is an excellent launch pad’.

Recruitment agencies have certainly lifted off from the Recruit Ventures launch pad over recent months. A nationwide string of start-ups is now operating successfully having been backed by the organisation. 'We have funds available now to help recruitment professionals start their own businesses’, says David Simons. ‘Properly supported, and funded, you can do it your way. And if the competition is still a sticking point for you, just consider the size of the market. There’s room for you’.

He added, ‘Go to our website.  - just suppose you invested 1% of your day to check us out. What’s that in minutes? Do the maths!’


David Simons has extensive recruitment knowledge and experience having worked in the industry for over 20 years. He is currently Managing Director of Recruit Ventures where he works closely with joint venture partners, assisting and advising them on their start-up businesses.

You can contact David or find out more about Recruit Ventures via:

01362 8825 85 / 07900 26 30 43

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