This Is What Re-engaging Your Employees Looks Like [Infographic]

By Heather Huhman

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Employee disengagement continues to be a major problem in offices all around the world. Most employees feel apathetic about their role in their organization, which leads to a lack of commitment. Some may look for greener pastures; others may settle for staying put and accept their stagnant performance as permissible.

How can employers ensure this doesn’t happen to them? How can they boost motivation and get their staff invested in their own growth?

The infographic below -- compiled by MyWorkNinja, a service that connects people with ICF certified executive coaches -- demonstrates how leadership coaches can empower employees with the tools they need to set personal and professional goals, develop new skills, and achieve a better work-life balance, all through individualized career development strategies.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Check out the full infographic below for some key insights into the current state of the average American workplace and what disengagement can do to employees. More importantly, you’ll find that leadership coaching is the best solution for engaging the staff in their own professional development.

How are you engaging your employees in their own career growth? Share in the comments below.


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