Use Social Networks to Give Timely Feedback to Candidates


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timely feedbackHave you ever encountered a situation when you have talked with an outstanding candidate and then just a short time later were not able to hire the candidate because they already accepted another position?  This can certainly leave a recruiter feeling deflated.

No recruiter wants to miss out on a talented candidate because it means starting over in the long and tedious process of finding another.  At this point you may be wondering what is going wrong? Perhaps what's become a recurring problem in your recruitment strategy can be addressed by adding social networking to the mix.

Using Social Networks to Boost Candidate Feedback

One thing that could be working against your efforts as a recruiter is your candidate feedback policy. It's important to get back to candidates as promptly as possible for every assignment you are sourcing for. How can you do this? By harnessing social media in your recruitment process. Here are a few ideas for providing timely feedback to retain more of your most prized candidates using social networks.

Integrating Applicant Tracking Systems with Social Networks

A huge pet peeve of many candidates is applying for a position online and then getting little to no response from the company. It’s possible to streamline the feedback process with the ATS. Use email auto-responders and social media share options with candidates. Encourage candidates to follow your social feeds so you can share company updates and help applicants understand more about the hiring process. In this way you can continually let candidates know they matter to you. Use social networks to announce job fairs and to continue to advise candidates about new open positions.

Using Social Recruitment Tools to Increase Candidate Engagement

Luckily, there are a great deal of social media resources that a recruiter can use to help increase candidate engagement and keep the feedback flowing. Recruiters can use social recruitment apps to record videos that help to introduce the company culture to potential candidates. They can also encourage two-way conversation with candidates using this medium. Recruitment apps can also help candidates to stay on top of important news about the company and career updates. At every opportunity, engage with your top talent and loop them into industry conversations using social outlets.

Connecting with Candidates and Building Talent Pools with Social Networks

Providing candidate feedback can also provide reasons to stay connected with candidates as you build talent pools – specifically with niche social groups. Consider that social networking is the number one activity that many job seekers find themselves regularly engaging in. They are trying to get out there and have dialogue with recruiters, therefore you too should have a presence. Create focused pools of candidates who are suitable for your positions, and use social networks to share feedback and updates with candidates.

Remember, social networking is a powerful way to give feedback and share updates with promising candidates – both passive and active job seekers. Use this as a regular part of your recruitment plan and keep the conversation going as much as time allows. Respect candidates and their situation by offering feedback and updates in a consistent and timely manner.

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