Using LinkedIn Mentions To Start Career Conversations

By Tony Restell

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One of LinkedIn's biggest shortcomings has just been addressed with the launch of LinkedIn Mentions.

Using LinkedIn Mentions To Start Career Conversations

The seasoned social media users amongst you will know that mentioning other users is one of the most effective ways of getting yourself on their radars in a positive, low pressure manner. It's a tried and tested business networking and recruiting approach on other platforms like Twitter and Google+.

If this isn't an approach you're familiar with, in brief you ensure your updates are both informative and draw other network users into the conversation - or give credit to them - by mentioning them in the post. On Twitter this would involve including the @ twitter handle of the user in your tweet. On Google+ this would involve including the +username link of the person in your update. On both platforms the person mentioned is then made aware of your update and drawn into starting a dialogue with you. It's an extremely effective way of starting discussions and opening doors into companies.

That's why the launch of LinkedIn Mentions is such a long-overdue and exciting development. For recruiters, LinkedIn Mentions offers the potential to engage with your candidate network in a more personable way. For candidates, LinkedIn Mentions opens up the enticing prospect of being able to engage recruiters on the platform in a far more real-time and effective manner.

Below is a short slideshow illustrating how the service will work. The service is being rolled out initially to English-speaking members and then to the global membership. Further analysis will have to wait until I've had the chance to try LinkedIn mentions out for myself. For now, my only reservation is how long it will take for LinkedIn Mentions to be rolled out fully. At the time of writing, I'm still waiting for the ability to embed videos and webpages on a profile to be rolled out onto my account - and that's functionality that started being rolled out several months ago! Let's hope this new service doesn't take so long - in the interim it's certainly going to be frustrating to be mentioned in a post by then not be able to reply with a mention in kind...

Have you seen the ability to use LinkedIn Mentions on your account as yet? If so, please share your experiences in the comments section below.


Start a Conversation with Mentions on LinkedIn from LinkedIn
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