Privacy Policy

Your online privacy is extremely important to us. The private information you submit to us on this site, together with any data we collect regarding your use of the site, will remain confidential. Where we collect information about our users this is primarily to assess website usage patterns and to allow us to personalize our service for individuals or groups of users and / or improve user experience on the Social-Hire website. We may from time to time share user demographics data with partners, investors, clients and other third parties, but this will only ever be aggregate user data; no individual data will ever be shared.

It is important to stress that Social-Hire is primarily a publicly available social media website. That's to say that users should publish profiles, comments and content to the site in the expectation that this will be visible to search engines and therefore accessible by anyone. We advise candidates to adopt an anonymous candidate username and to publish to the site enough information in their profiles and submissions to encourage recruiters to initiate a conversation with them; but not so much that their anonymity is compromised. What constitutes the right amout of information for candidates to share on the site is a matter of choice for each individual user. We at Social-Hire will not share any information about each user over and above what that user has opted to share publicly via their use of our site.

As the site is further developed, instant messaging and other private messaging services may provide the facility for members to contact one another in a non-public manner. As such services are developed, all information shared via such private messaging functionality will remain confidential and will not be shared.

Users acknowledge that we use information collected in log files and site analytics to assess the way our site is used, to facilitate administration of the website, and gather aggregate user information. Cookies may also be used on the site for the purposes of improving the user experience and collecting site usage data. Such cookies may be administered by third party service providers. When we share any information gathered with our clients, partners, or anyone else, we only do so in an aggregate form.


Through their use of this site, users may opt in to receive email alerts and recruiter or candidate newsletters. We at Social-Hire endeavour to maintain the highest standards with respect to email subscriber lists and email alert best practices. At no point will subscriber lists be sold or shared with third parties and users will only receive alerts of the nature they could rightly expect to receive at the time such alerts were requested.

By its nature, this web site will contain a stream of links to other websites. For the avoidance of doubt, Social-Hire is not responsible for - and has no control over - the privacy practices of any such linked website and this privacy statement should be deemed to solely apply to information collected by this site.